Do you ship the pickles?

No, we do not ship.

Where can I purchase your pickles?

How long do the pickles last?

We recommend refrigerating all our products; if kept in the fridge they will last anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

Are they gluten free?

Yes, the pickles are gluten free. We use a salt brine in our Half, Full and Hot pickles.

What is the difference between a half sour and a full sour?

A half sour tastes more like a cucumber that took a little garlicky bath, a full sour tastes very garlicky and has lots of dill flavor.

What is the closest to a Kosher dill?

We would recommend our full sour.

How hot is the Hot & Spicy?

Well, depending upon how long they have been sitting in the brine they can range from a 2 to a 5 on the "Buffalo Wild Wings" scale. We are never trying to hurt anyone!

Do your pickles have garlic and dill?

Yes, our half, full and hots have garlic and dill.

Why can't I get Sweet Horseradish pickles all year round?

We strive to provide the very best for our customers, and use only the freshest horseradish. Which means we aim to only purchase it when it is in season.

What sizes do the pickles come in?

We sell them in pints, quarts, half gallons, and gallon sizes.

Can I buy just one pickle?

Yes, you can.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes we do, we even give them back.

How does the loyalty program work?

When you sign up you automatically receive 25 points, for every dollar you spend you receive one point. Once you reach 70 points you receive a $7.00 credit which can then be used towards any purchase.