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Gary’s Pickles in New Paltz, NY has been selling delicious and unique flavors of pickles to customers throughout the continental United States. We are dedicated to bringing our customers healthy and delightful treats.

Our Food

Making mouthwatering pickles is our specialty, but we also offer other products such as sauerkraut, marinated mushrooms, pickled tomatoes, and olives. 

Our History

Gary's Pickles was founded in 1986 by Gary Karp with the goal of providing delectable and fresh pickles to the local markets in Hudson Valley, New York. Gary and his friend, Barry Bliden, worked together to bring our products to the local community for more than 27 years. When Gary passed away in 2013, Barry took over Gary's Pickles and kept its name in honor of its founder.


Meet the Owner: Barry Bliden

You can get your hands on our tasty treats when you reach out to us. We provide both pickups at our warehouse and shipping across the continental United States.

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